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2. part of my dream experience from the future : [...]

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2. part of my dream experience from the future :
as i mention already in my first posting here...i had for several decades when i was in dreamland experienced a society about 400 years from now...wich was based on contribution resource based economy with other words no exchange systems at i will love to explain one of the things what fascinate it me the most cause in the dreams it was more than normal but knowing how far we are from understanding technology today its not at all normal as yet...let me called like this : humanoid helping machine...!!!!!
in this reality having a humanoid looking computer machine was normal like having a dog...or a this reality they managed all the things that today we humans have to manage--- but to start with one of the amazing things they do for us and what i will love to explain more detailed today is the agricultural technology that these humanoid were doing...we as a species understood
( aim talking in the past now from the dream time understanding view...but actually its from now in the future cause we will understand it in the future) that using machine to work agricultural needs its for the quality of the food really bad...i just make an example, we will understand soon that using metal for working the ground like with tractors or in the past metal driving system worked with animals gives to the ground a strange metal frequency cause metal is not really good for working grounds and the growing of any kind of plants--metal energy in the food is actually really bad for the growing of the plants... in this time we had humanoid looking people machine that has the frequency of a human body and the temperature of it like we humans have and with the frequency of love on top of it these humanoid looking machine were doing all the work that we can imagine for the agricultural sector!! the quality of the food increased in a way that we can't not even imagine in this reality we are lignin in cause they were working the ground with there hands...with no use at all of any metal or engine similar structure(engine also really bad frequency of the work of the ground!!!) wich of course is also for the ground not good but all these things will be understood in the future, the result of it was that the food was looking much bigger as we know our days and the abundance of food was incredible there was centers similar like markets but just big bigger that we can imagine--- where you could take what ever you need and want just for the nature give it to us !!!! did ever a Apple tree ask you something in return for the apples a tree contribute ???...that was for me so mind-blowing that i felt in love with this kind of reality
i will explain more in future explanations...therefore i am so happy to see that the directions to this reality is already here...ubuntu its just one example...the venus project another...i can reveal much more details about a society based on resource and contribution and love to do so cause its been for my very hard living in a society were the people things that using a smartphone is something very modern and technological advanced when i know how much more and what really advanced technology means...but this will be explained in further explanations...
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