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We started a performance project called "Lovesphere" back in 1995, [...]


Jersey City, New Jersey
via The Full Circle Project
We started a performance project called "Lovesphere" back in 1995, we've celebrated it every year for the last 20 years on the Spring Equinox in NYC. It was a big call out to the universe. It's supposed to go on for another 47 years, we'll see.

The last four years or so I've unraveled and reraveled with the help of my spirit guides Guan Yin and Jizo. Had to face a lot of terrible suppressed memories that were hard to go through but now I can really breathe. Gave up drugs and drinking. I didn't realize why I was trying to kill myself for all those years but there was a part of myself that just wanted to die-- I had to give it a voice and listen to it and now it's starting to get comfortable.

I have a band with my significant other. She doesn't like to hear about corruption in the world or the terrible way the rulers rape children, do human sacrifices, etc. So it's been hard, I have to keep a lot of my spiritual development secret from her. She sings a song in our band called "Don't Wake me Up." I used to think it was about sleeping in on the weekend, but now I'm starting to realize it's deeper than that!

Somehow, though, if it's in a performance, she can bear to hear anything. So I express myself freely in art, and somehow it's easier for people to deal with it. In fact they even like it! So I've been doing a lot of spoken word and improvised monologues at clubs and theaters in NYC.

Now we're about to move to North Carolina to look after her mom who has dementia. It seems like a wonderful place and I'm excited to go to a smaller city. Her mom worked at NORAD and for Mitre, etc. My peeps were connected with Freemasons and nasty Texas shady corporations, CIA fronts, etc. I'm sure she has to eventually go through a similar process that I have but I can't rush her, just got to keep my own ship afloat and be there for her.…
I think a lot of people are singing your partner's song! I've noticed many comedians are very outspoken- Bill Hicks comes to mind. Guess it's ok to broach the taboo if it's a joke, and perhaps the arts hold less restriction as well. Good luck, in your new place! Love and Peace-A.
Wednesday 1 July 2015, 11:05:14
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