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It’s inevitable – artificial intelligence is going to invade every [...]

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It’s inevitable – artificial intelligence is going to invade every aspect of our lives…
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If you have a Linux computer which is connected to the Internet, then you may be one of the millions of people that are very difficult to monitoring and control, If all computer users would have skills to use computer with out windows on the terminal, then Government would be hacked debunked and published To the level that no one could hide ore lie about anything. We have access only to the content on Internet access to source of communication would prevent deception, because before one opens the file one could see where it comes from what that address represent in social, public life, who get money for and so on... whole communication traffic would be transparent. Few hacker groups already debunking mass illusion, propaganda, deception... Linux users are encrypted with passwords it would take enormous resource to hack them all while Microsoft Windows users sending rapport about their life every time they use PC and it is same with Apple. Linux is a pain in the ass is in it? They will scare you till death to sell you some shit ... ;O)
Saturday 8 April 2017, 14:43:19
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