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Robert De Niro makes noise on the scam of Pharma [...]

Amadora, Lisboa
via Ubuntu Planet
Robert De Niro makes noise on the scam of Pharma Industry… if you like this info, check the video on a big pharmaceutical executive that turns whistleblower, down in this page
huraay to mr. De Niro !! more more more of those we need <3
Saturday 16 April 2016, 13:41:24
I love this man such a great actor, and what a person he is!
Saturday 16 April 2016, 13:43:57
DeNiro also pushed to get the documentary VAXXED into the Tribeca film festival and it was banned. Please watch this entire video, as it shows an interview between the creator of VAXXED with ABC.…. I believe DeNiro did this to get the mainstream media's attention to this documentary because he new it would be banned and kept from the public's attention. DeNiro is very smart in doing so, as it shows the corruption in the mainstream media. If you look at the Tribeca film festival and who runs it, the Rockefeller family is a major part!
Saturday 16 April 2016, 23:44:11
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